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Dr. Chad Rush of Rush Chiropractic Center graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a bachelor’s of science degree, specializing in exercise science. He later went on to finish his studies at D’Youville College where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. His background and interest in athletic performance and body mechanics sparked an interest in helping athletes as well as non-athletes reach their full potential. Whether you’re living in pain, have a new or chronic injury, are looking to maintain optimal performance, or want to learn how to reach your true potential, Dr. Rush can help you.

Dr. Rush is your top choice when looking for a Chiropractor in Green Hills, TN. He uses a tri-phasic approach to health care, not only will he help you get pain free, but most importantly he focuses on helping you to achieve a proper balance of mobility and stability so that you can perform better in all aspects of your life and athletic endeavors. 

Dr. Chad Rush

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Dr. Chad Rush is Green Hills best sports chiropractor. Through years of strength training and athletics, primarily focusing on hockey and powerlifting, he has learned a thing or two about the aches and pains that come with pushing yourself to the limit. He understands that keeping your body free of these aches and pains is the key to performing at your best during competition.

In order to be the best, you need to be able to train at your best. For a lot of us, taking time off from training due to injury, is simply not an option. Dr. Rush understands your needs as an athlete and has made it his goal to help athletes get out of pain and stay that way throughout their training and competition so that they can reach their goals.

Nikki Orlando

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Originally from upstate New York, Nikki both performed and taught at Tap to Toe Studio of Dance for nearly fifteen years. After deciding that she wanted to pursue dance as a career she attended Point Park University for three and a half years and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance.

Right out of college Nikki landed her first job with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where she performed on the Quantum of the Seas for 6 months then on the Ovation of the Seas for 9 months. While performing nearly 350 shows in the unique techno savvy venue Two70, she was able to travel all over China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Now residing in Nashville, TN you can find her performing as a dancer, aerialist and fire spinner with Beyond Wings Circus all over Nashville and the surrounding cities.

Jakey ``Bear`` The ChiroDog

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Jake “Bear” is your Green Hills Chiropractic Mascot! He is the most friendly pooch you may ever meet. You can usually find him in the office following patients around and making sure they are doing well! He likes to lay around the office while patients are being treated and performing their corrective exercises. He is an unpaid employee, but he does accept treats for his outstanding dedication to the office!

Molly - Assistant to the ChiroDog

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Molly is the Assistant to Jake The “ChiroDog”. She is the newest addition to our Green Hills Chiropractic Clinic! While Jake is Lively, Molly is Lovey. She happens to be the sweetest dog around. That being said, you may have to search for the sweet girl, as her favorite hobby is snoozing. That shouldn’t be to tricky though, just look for a big dog bed!

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From The Doctor

To reach your full athletic potential, your body needs the flexibility and mobility to move freely without restriction. We work with you to get that mobility, but we also guide you to obtain the strength, coordination, and stability needed to use this new mobility safely. Our focus at Rush Chiropractic Center is to provide you with the perfect balance to perform at your best.

Dr. Chad M. Rush

Green Hills Best Sports Chiropractor